Egli Design - Egle Mieliauskiene

Lithuanian, 1974
Odminiu St, 9-10
*Vilnius LT-01122

Egli Design, was founded by Egle Mieliauskiene, and beautifully unites modern art and classical tradition through handmade, artistic, contemporary furniture while paying tribute to fashion. 

Egle Mieliauskiene is an artist with a very distinctive style. She designs furniture pieces that are unique artistic objects. Her pieces tell stories. Their very presence inspire surprising trains of thought--a novel that everyone can interpret in their own way…a never-ending story, presented aesthetically. Her furniture is not mass-produced – they are made for people and their souls. They are objects that will become life-long companions.

Egli Design's goal is to create pieces that evoke emotion, excitement and a feeling of nostalgia. Hence, these unique pieces are produced in small editions of up to 8. 

Egle Mieliauskiene received a Master’s degree in the visual arts from the Vilnius Academy of Art, and since then, her life has been filled with creative work. She has participated in plein air events, organized exhibitions, painted, worked with engravings, and illustrated books. She later began to work as an interior decorator and created one-of-a-kind furniture for her clients.

Egli Design was founded in 2012, and released its first collection in 2016.

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