Jason Mizrahi

Peale Drive
Calabasas, CA 91302
United States

Jason Mizrahi is a Los Angeles based designer whose esthetic takes a design art approach towards creating contemporary one-of-a-kind pieces. His designs are compositions that embody a collective balance of timeless elements heavily rooted in his architectural background, sculpture and fashion.

"I like to think that materials have emotions and desires that move and are expressed unrestrained by convention."

Jason’s work is a fusion between design and art, solids and voids, lines and shapes.  The pieces are both minimal and expressive, masculine and graceful.  Always striving towards a "perfection of proportions," Jason aims to create designs that are exciting, seductive and timeless.

Jason Mizrahi Belcanto
Jason Mizrahi Belcanto H 28 in W 17 in D 46 in $ 8,000
Jason Mizrahi Luna Chair
Jason Mizrahi Luna Chair H 32 in W 30 in D 36 in $ 3,200
Roman Chair
Jason Mizrahi Roman Chair H 30 in W 27 in D 34 in $ 2,200
Jason Mizrahi A Volare
Jason Mizrahi A Volare H 31 in W 37 in D 63 in $ 4,000
Jason Mizrahi Air Chair
Jason Mizrahi Air Chair H 31 in W 18 in D 22 in $ 800
Jason Mizrahi Mars Mirror
Jason Mizrahi Mars Mirror W 30 in D 4 in DIA 25 in $ 2,900
Jason Mizrahi Loop Chair
Jason Mizrahi Loop Chair H 31 in W 18 in DIA 25 in $ 6,500
Jason Mizrahi Venus II
Jason Mizrahi Venus II H 15 in DIA 32 in $ 4,500
Jason Mizrahi Alko Chair Walnut
Jason Mizrahi Alko Chair - Walnut H 28 in W 23 in D 17 in $ 3,300
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